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Technical Rider

What is a Technical Rider?

I often change my work station and at every change I have to set up my development tools from the scratch. I often forget the names of useful IDE plugins and for this I need a solution. I decided to public my IDE setting list and which other tools I usually use. This idea is inspired of  music industry. Every music band send their concert organizer a technical rider that describes how to set up their equipment. My equipments are amongst others IDEs.

Personal Technical Rider

IntelliJ IDEA

Basis Installation

  • IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

Additional Plugins

  • Bash Support
  • .ignore
  • CMD Support
  • Java Stream Debugger
  • Docker Integration


Basis Installation

  • NetBeans Java EE

Additional Plugins

  • Node.js Projects (Installation Guide)
  • Wicket Support (Download)
  • Eclipse Java Code Formatter  (Update Center)
  • nb-noext-mime-resolver (Update Center)
  • Radar Netbeans (Update Center)
  • CoolEditorAction (Update Site)
  • Markdown Plugin (Download)
  • Gradle Support (Update Center)
  • Adhoc Projects (Update Center)
  • AutoSaveModified (Update Center)


Basis Installation

  • Eclipse JEE Developer

Additional Plugins

  • Spring Tool Suite (STS)
  • Subclipse (Marketplace)
  • EclEmma Java Code Coverage (Marketplace)
  • Maven Integration for Eclipse (Marketplace)
  • Easy Shell (Marketplace)
  • AnyEdit Tools (Marketplace)
  • UCDetector (Marketplace)
  • ShellEd (Installation Guide) (Update Site)
  • Geppetto (Installation Guide) (Update Site)
  • Checkstyle (Marketplae)
  • SonarQube Plugin (Marketplace)
  • Wicked Shell (Marketplace)
  • Markdown Editor (Marketplace)
  • NodeEclipse (Marketplace)
  • YEdit (Marketplace)

Old look and feel

Firefox Plugins

Other Useful Tools

  • Squirrel
  • VisualVM
    Useful plugins

    • Threads Inspector
    • VisualVM-JConsole
    • VisualGC
  • ArgoUML
  • Inkscape
  • KDiff3
  • yED
  • Atom Editor
    Useful community packages:

    • asciidoctor-assistent
    • asciidoctor-image-helper
    • asciidoc-preview
    • autocomplete-asciidoctor
    • xml-formatter
    • Pretty JSON

4 thoughts on “Technical Rider

  1. Very nice to meet you on the Herbstcampus. I´m quite interested in the “technical rider” thing. Is it possible that you can share in which situations you choose your prefered enviroment? Thanks


  2. Hello Mrs Parsick, there is a beta testing of this kind of Eclipse Plugin Rider:
    They are good friends of mine and listen to the community.


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