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My Notes From Conference “Herbstcampus 2015”

In September I visited the conference “Herbstcampus” in Nuremberg. I took notes about some sessions, that I like to share with you. The notes are in German.

SOLIDes Design – Kriterien für objektorientiertes Design by David Tanzer

Solides Design

Wie geht’s? Was geht? Wann hat es Sinn? – Portierung von COBOL-Programmen nach Java by Carsten Siedentop


Überzogen – Technische Schulden by Gerrit Beine

Technische Schulden

Follow the Leader – Wie Sie Ihr Team beeinflussen und gestalten können by Sabine Zehnder

Follow the leader0001Follow the leader0002

So sieht’s aus! -Architekturüberblicke: Tipps und Tricks by Stefan Zörner



(Not only) Internet Sources About Writing Software Documentation

Last update: 2019-11-04

I was asked some time ago, which sources I used in order to inform me about writing software documentation. This motivates me to collect all sources, that helps me, in this blog post. Most of the sources are in German.


  • Arc42 Homepage: This site is about the Arc42 template. This template gives you a good framework for your own software documentation. The template is available in English and German. A Spanish version is working in progress.
  • DokChess: Example for how to write software documentation based on the Arc42 template. This example is used in the book “Softwarearchitekturen dokumentieren und kommunizieren”. The documentation itself describes a chess engine.
  • Arc42 Starschnitt (in German): Again, an example for how to write software documentation based on the Arc42 template. The documentation describes the build tool Gradle. The difference to Dokchess is that this example explains the motivation and goals behind the single chapter of the Arc42 template.
  • Kolumne “Architekturen dokumentieren” (in German): Newspaper column about architecture documentation from German Java Magazine.
  • Architecture Cheat Sheet: Cheat Sheet for writing an overview about your software architecture.
  • Agile Modeling: Collection of best practices for effective modeling and documentation in an agile context.



Do you have some more links, books or videos that you can recommend? Let me know it and write a comment.