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Software Engineering Camp 2019

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Some weeks ago, I visited the bar camp “Software Engineering Camp 2019” in Erlangen. It was my first time visiting. I’d like to share my experience.

Friday evening

The bar camp started on Friday evening with three lighting talks. Firstly, Markus Harrer talked about psychology in software development.

The second lightning talk by Sasabe-san was about the mindset behind ShuHaRi. He is a Japanese software engineer, and he explained what the Japanese understand by ShuHaRi. And surprise, surprise, they have a different understanding than Europeans.

The last lightning talk by Markus, founder of OwnCloud, told the story how SUSE creates Enterprise Linux.


The Open Space Marketplace started after a great breakfast. Here my notes from some session I visited on Saturday.

Modern Linux CLI Tools

Frank and Patrick did a great session about Linux CLI tools. I learned some new cool tools.

My notes

Patrick prepared some “slides”. The presentation runs within a shell, very geeky.

Sketch notes from other participants:

CSS Needs More Software Craftsmanship

My second session was about why CSS code needs more attention. We talked about how we can improve the readability and maintainability of CSS code.

Boring Software Manifesto

I hosted together with Dominik a session about building software with a “boring” technology and why it could be a good idea.

Whiteboard notes from the session

Awesome sketch note from Nora:

From Developer to Coporated Learning Coach

Latti told his story how he got a learning coach. He told us how the software craftsmanship community changes his life.

My notes

Infrastructure As Code With Terraform

Nora gave a good introduction to Terraform.

My notes

Saturday Evening Activities

At the evening, we had some very geeky activities, like Hacker Jeopardy, Retro Gaming, Craftbeer tasting.

I participated in the first round of Hacker-Jeopardy. I lose 🙂

My last social activity was some rounds of Singstar :).


Unfortunately, I had to leave the bar camp after breakfast. So I missed the morning session. But I could follow on my timeline on Twitter, that I missed some very good sessions like


Software Engineering and Ethics

Sketch Note Session


For me, it was an amazing bar camp. I can recommend it.

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