Distinctive Feature of Running Nexus on Linux

I installed Nexus on Linux according to the step-by-step instruction of Sonatype. Everything looked fine during the installation. To find out, whether the installation was successful, I tried to go to the welcome page of my nexus installation. I got an error message. I looked in the log file of Nexus and found following exception:

1com.google.inject.internal.ComputationException: com.google.inject.internal.ComputationException: java.lang.TypeNotPresentException: Type org.codehaus.enunciate.contract.jaxrs.ResourceMethodSignature not present
2 ....
4ERROR [er_start_runner] - /nexus - unavailable java.lang.IllegalStateException: The PlexusServerServlet couldn't lookup the target component (role='org.restlet.Application', hint='nexus')

With Google's help I found a fixed bug in the Nexus bug tracking system, that describes my problem. The reason for my problem was: I had on my Linux machine an IBM JVM in an elder version. With this version Nexus doesn't run because of a bug in the IBM JVM.  Two solutions and one workaround exist for this problem:

  • Workaround: Copying enunciate-core-*.jar to /runtime/apps/nexus/lib.
  • First solution: Update the version of IBM JVM to 5.0.0 SR12 / 6.0.0 SR8 FP1 or later
  • Second solution: Use the JVM of Oracle.

I decided to change the JVM to an Oracle JVM and after that, Nexus ran without errors.

  1. Installation Guide for Nexus by Sonatype
  2. Bug reported to Nexus 
  3. Bug reported to IBM